banciUniview finance network surveillance solution applies the wide range of cross-domain networking. The fluent transmission of single or multiple video could be guaranteed even under the limited bandwidth. And it is realized by main lines management, network auto-adaptability and transparent channel.

Aiming at the wide dynamic range of illumination and low illumination of bank hall, Uniview provides network cameras with corresponding functions. Furthermore, images from multiple cameras could be jointed together as a whole image. Hence security guards could watch a more direct and complete image.

Attributed to H.264 High-profile encoding format, the transmit stream of high-definition network camera could be reduced for 2M (720P) or 4M (1080P). This technology greatly reduced storage space and high storage cost brought by full HD system. Combined with the fact that storage duration is 90 to 180 days, Uniview surveillance devices could save storage space and reduce customers’ cost through VBR, automatic frame reducing and B-Frame. Besides, Uniview IMOS platform could not only be associated and integrated with many subsystems such as alarm system and access control system, but also manage resources to enhance the security management of banks.

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