Enterprise & Campus

campusThrough the open management platform for surveillance system, the solution for enterprise and campus could make a unified management for security monitoring. It can not only complete the security systems integration in one campus as well as among several campuses, but also integrate with alarm and access control systems.

The solution could ensure the safe and ordered production by taking use of a lot of dynamic environment identification devices which get access to production equipment monitoring section through the standard SCADA protocol and protocol gateway. In addition, through some intelligent analysis algorithms like intrusion alarm and action detection, the control center could know security risks at any time.

The solution could provide many flexible front end access ways like direct access by twisted-pair, SFP, RRPP and EPON for the wide range surveillance. It also provides the panorama view. Uniview high quality products provide high-definition images and at the same time are able to adapt to complicated environment. They could run under a wide temperature range from -40° to 60°, and some are even from -40° to 70°.

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